Now Hiring: Are you a driven and motivated 1st Line IT Support Engineer?


This is a great opportunity for candidates who are interested in the world of finance while having great exposure to the technical and technological fields! If you are graduating this summer, you are welcomed to apply after reading our job listing.


There is a surprisingly high number of fields, functions, or processes where even the largest companies fail to utilize technology to its full capacity and conduct business the same way they do generations earlier. Due to their inferior, old, legacy technical infrastructure many can’t focus on anything but “keeping the lights on”. Today’s consumers, on the other hand, take the service level they receive from well-known digital leaders they encounter while shopping, listening to music, traveling etc. for granted and expect nothing less from all others they do business with.

Leveraging the founder team’s decades of hands-on experience in all areas of the finance industry, Beakwise builds technology solutions and provides management consulting services to mid and large-sized enterprises with a focus on customer experience, operational excellence, and digital transformation. A focus on hyper automation, total experience and data analytics is an integral part of what we do every day.

Working together with our clients, we address to their technology-related needs, help them maximize their digital maturity, and enable them to come up with new business models, where applicable. To increase the strength of our team we are looking for junior (with 0 to 2 years of experience) business analysts who are willing to be a part of a wide range of different engagements.

This is a unique opportunity where you will

  • gain tremendous amount of domain (banking, insurance, asset management etc.) knowledge,
  • train yourself in technical fields, such as API's, databases, data science etc.,
  • become a key member of financial technology products management team.

If you are an experienced professional, please check out our other job listing for Senior Business Analyst or just message us.

We are working primarily with financial services enterprises (banks, insurers, and investment managers in particular) and the projects you will be involved in could be related with any conceivable activity that a finance company typically performs. We are architecting and developing our own innovative, if not disruptive, proprietary products as well as providing implementation and customization services for the proven solutions by leading vendors.

Beakwise has already gained clients from multiple companies from different continents and pursuing many opportunities with leading enterprises from around the world with a strategic focus on the African and Middle Eastern financial markets. Beakwise operates in its R&D head office located at Boğaziçi University Techpark (BÜDOTEK) in the Asian Side of Istanbul. By the end of 2022 Summer, the second office on the European side of Istanbul will be opened. We are considering opening local offices in Dubai, UAE and in Nairobi, Kenya by the end of this year.


  • Work directly with client teams, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to understand their needs, expectations and identify & prioritize technical and functional requirements of the projects you will be in,
  • Gain an understanding of business processes, optimize and re-engineer them when required,
  • Provide solutions to issues and problems, engage in ideation and brainstorming and other kind of intellectual discussions,
  • Figure out how the actual work differs from established policy, procedures and protocols, if relevant,
  • Conduct industry and academic research and gain knowledge about the topic in question when required,
  • Understand and take necessary action of compliance environment of projects,
  • Organize, manage and lead interviews, meetings and workshops,
  • Define success and quality criteria which will be used to evaluate the output, both business and coding-wise and perform functional tests,
  • Support software engineers with their understanding of what to code
  • Flesh out the details of business solutions, which requires a good understanding of how technological solutions are and should be implemented,
  • Document, document and document, but only of the” value-creating” kind.


  • Degree: STEM degrees are preferred, but business and other relevant degrees are also welcomed. As much as this is a business role, we are a technology company and technical knowledge and competency are always a big assetfor business analysis in any industry. If you are a 4th year student expecting to graduate in the Spring 2022 semester, you are welcomed to apply, too.
  • Experience: We don’t require you to have any finance-domain knowledge or prior job experience, however, an “analytical and inquisitive” mindset is a must-have for success in this job. Additionally, you must be “business-savvy”, you must understand how a business generally operates and makes money. 
  • Language: You must speak English. How well? We can assign you to a project abroad on Day 1 and ask you to conduct few interviews, each lasting a day long, with the guys from our international client. Other professional-level foreign language capabilities are big plus, too.
  • Personality: This job is for those who enjoy dealing with complexproblems, look for a dynamic (“non-constant”) and challengingworking environment and never hesitate to communicate directly with anyone. If you are positive, enthusiastic and passionate in whatever you do and manage to find a way to motivate yourself for the things you like, even while you’re dealing with their not very pleasant and uncool aspects, please apply. On top of that, if you believe you can make a great team member and are able to motivate your team mates as well, please make sure your application is submitted properly ;).


  • A team-based,friendly (genuine), international working environment where you should expect every other team mate to be as competent at least as you are,
  • Atruly unique organizational culture where the corporate and start-up dynamics’ best aspects meet, and worst aspects are left out. That is why we started this company in the first place.
  • Acompetitive base salary combined with a generous bonus scheme based on the objective success criteria of your work,
  • Private health insurance with in-patient and out-patient covers,
  • Allowances fordaily food and travel to office or office shuttleoptions,
  • Advance pay on sign if you need to relocate to Istanbul,
  • A real emphasis ontrainingcertification, and specialization
  • Flexible working hours, you can design your own working hours and workdays in a week,
  • R&D requires very close and instant communication, and we are in a phase of creating innovative products from scratch. Fully working remotely did not go well in that setting, hence we are not working 100% remotely. However, hybrid work is still possible with up to 30% remote work. This could be improved with our later offices or changes in the Turkish Techpark regulations and maturity of the product developments.