Now Hiring: Are you a driven and motivated 1st Line IT Support Engineer?


There is a surprisingly high number of fields, functions, or processes where even the largest companies fail to utilize technology to its full capacity and conduct business the same way they do generations earlier. Due to their inferior, old, legacy technical infrastructure many can’t focus on anything but “keeping the lights on”. Today’s consumers, on the other hand, take the service level they receive from well-known digital leaders they encounter while shopping, listening to music, traveling etc. for granted and expect nothing less from all others they do business in other forms with.

Leveraging the founder team’s decades of hands-on experience in all areas of the finance industry, Beakwise builds technology solutions and provides management consulting services to mid and large-sized enterprises with a focus on customer experience, operational excellence, and digital transformation.  A focus on hyper automation, total experience and data analytics is an integral part of what we do every day.

Working together with our clients, we address to their technology-related needs, help them maximize their digital maturity, and enable them to come up with new business models, where applicable. To increase the strength of our team we are looking for experienced junior front-end developers with 2 to 4 years of experience who are willing to be a part of a wide range of different engagements. For those who are interested in back-end or full-stack development, we also have another job listing. Please check our web-site or LinkedIn profile for other positions.

We are working primarily with finance companies (banks, insurers, and investment management managers in particular) and the projects you will be involved in could be related with any conceivable activity that a finance company typically deals with on daily basis. We expect most of our clients to be international players starting from the first quarter of 2022.

We are architecting and developing our own innovative, if not disruptive, proprietary products as well as providing implementation and customization services for the proven solutions by leading global vendors. Our applications are of “headless type” and built on micro services and hexagonal architecture principles.

Beakwise operates in its R&D head office located at Boğaziçi University Techpark (BÜDOTEK) in the Asian Side of Istanbul (Dudullu) and has started the administrative process to open its Europe office in Amsterdam. Soon another office in the European side of Istanbul will be opened.


  • Work with business analysts and project managers on business functionalities required to be coded and scheduling assigned tasks,
  • Coordinate with your fellow coders and coach your team members when they need,
  • Execute full lifecycle of software development and write well-designed, testable code. You can be positioned either as a full-stack or front-end developer depending on your preferences, expertise, and experience
  • Integrate our own products within themselves as well with 3rd party systems when required,
  • Produce technical specifications, software verification plans and quality assurance procedures,
  • Document and maintain software functionality,
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems,
  • Ensure software is updated with latest features,
  • Provide solutions to issues and problems, engage in ideation and brainstorming and other kind of intellectual discussions,
  • Conduct research, participate in training programs and gain knowledge about new technologies.


  • Degree: STEM degrees are preferred, but other relevant degrees are also welcomed. As much as this is a technical role, we are providing solutions to real “business needs” and the technology is just the tool for that. Hence, you should expect a lot of discussions beyond coding.
  • Experience: This position is for experienced junior (2 to 4 years) front-end developers. As the main technology item for our applications on the front-end side is Vue.JS, ideally you have hands-on experience with the Vue.JS framework. Experience in React, Angular or other modern web frameworks are appreciated, too.

No need to mention skills, basic knowledge and experience expectations about HTML, CSS, JavaScript due to the nature of this role…

Please  do not forget to demonstrate your previous experience (could be from your school, professional or just free-time work) by sharing your GitHub account or some other way.

*** For candidates looking for a full-stack or back-end entry-level position, we have another job listing in LinkedIn and in our website. Please check that out. ***

  • Language: You must understand English well. How well? As a software engineer, you will not be getting in touch with clients mostly.  So, not much English speaking is required. However, training programs, articles and solutions for technology require a very good command of written English.
  • Personality: This job is for those who enjoy dealing with complex problems, look for a dynamic (“non-constant”) and challenging working environment and never hesitate to communicate directly with anyone. If you are positive, enthusiastic, and passionate in whatever you do and manage to find a way to motivate yourself for the things you like, even while you’re dealing with their not very pleasant and uncool aspects, please apply. On top of that, if you believe you can make a great team member and are able to motivate your team mates as well, please re-check that your application is submitted ;).

Did we say we are looking for “positive” and “passionate” team members?



  • A team-based, friendly (genuine), international working environment where you should expect every other team mate to be as competent at least as you are,
  • A truly unique organizational culture where the corporate and start-up dynamics’ best aspects meet, and worst aspects are left out. That is why we started this company in the first place.
  • A competitive base salary combined with a generous bonus scheme based on the objective success criteria of your work,
  • Private health insurance with in-patient and out-patient covers,
  • Allowances for daily food and travel to office or office shuttle options,
  • Advance pay on sign if you need to relocate to Istanbul,
  • A real emphasis on training, certification, and specialization,
  • Flexible working hours, you can design your own working hours and workdays in a week,
  • Remote work (Currently 20%), this could be improved with our later offices or changes in the Turkish Techpark regulations.