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Digital Maturity Assessment

Engage our experts to leverage the Digital Maturity Model to assess the relative maturity of your organization’s competency in following
key areas

Providing an experience where customers view the organization as their digital partner using their preferred channels of interaction to control their connected future on and offline.
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Insights & Behaviour
  • Customer Trust & Perception
Focuses on how the business transforms or operates to increase its competitive advantage through digital initiatives; it is embedded within the overall business strategy.
  • Brand Management
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Finance & Investment
  • Market Intelligence
  • Portfolio Innovation
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Assurance
Underpins the success of digital strategy by helping to create, process, store, secure and exchange data to meet the needs of customers at low cost and low overheads.
  • Emerging Technology and Applications
  • Data Management
  • Delivery Governance
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Technology Architecture
Executing and evolving processes and tasks by utilizing digital technologies to drive strategic management and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Agile Change Management
  • Integrated Service Management
  • Real Time Analytics and Insights
  • Smart Process Management
Defining and developing an organizational culture with governance and talent processes to support progress along the digital maturity curve and the flexibility to achieve its growth and innovation objectives.
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Standards and Governance
  • Employee Enablement
Evaluates the organization’s ability both strategically and operationally to ethically and effectively use data and information assets to maximize business value.
  • Data Governance
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Value Realization
Digital Experience And Trust
Digital Transformation Side Image

A Strategy Roadmap in Six Questions

Digital transformation is “an evolutionary process that leverages digital capabilities and technologies to enable business models, operational processes and customer experiences to create value".

A digital transformation strategy roadmap is designed to clearly answer six questions. These questions are broad, but taking them one at a time – each flows logically into the next.

  • Why do you need a digital transformation ?
  • What must you achieve in order to transform ?
  • What do you need to transform ?
  • What kind of changes are required in order to transform ?
  • What packages of change should we form to execute the transformation ?
  • How do we prioritize the packages of change over transformation time horizon ?

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