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Data migration is definitely a critical part of any program
that involves transformation.

Beware of “Data Gravity”
Data gravity term is used to describe how data attracts other data to it as it grows, how data is integrated into a business and how data becomes customized over time. It is well known by IT managers that every application further complicates data management by introducing elements of application logic into the data management tier, and each one is indifferent to the next data use case. Business processes use data in isolation and then output their own formats, leaving integration for the next process. We help you with a design for application, data architecture, and business processes so as to all respond to each other.
Zero Data Loss & Zero Downtime
Unexpected downtime happens when the data migration process takes longer than predicted and data loss is always a common issue when moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another if you are not experienced enough. Our data migration approach is detailed and backed by proven methodologies. We have a team of experts who can migrate databases seamlessly and at the same time ensure that the core part of the process is non-disruptive.
Developing Migration Strategy
Database Migration is a strategic process. Developing a plan for safe, secure and efficient migration of databases is really important for the migration to be successful. "Big Bang" or "Parallel Run" ? What should be the methodology ? Financial and time implications can add another layer of complexity to the planning and strategy process. Let's prepare a proper plan for your business needs.
Application Migration
If you are about to start a new project of transforming a legacy system, upgrading an application or moving to the cloud services, business units asks the critical question: “What will happen to the existing data processed over years?” Beakwise team is very experienced in data migration phases and ready to work with you on discovery, data clean-up and enhancement, data validation including initial and following test migrations and production migration.
Storage Migration
As the number of users and complexity of data increase you may have performance or security concerns. Storage migration is the process of moving data off existing arrays into more modern ones that enable other systems to access it. Beakwise team is here to support you in choosing and implementing a new storage location that offers significantly faster performance and more cost-effective scaling with a consideration of enabling expected data management features such as cloning, snapshots, and backup and disaster recovery.
Cloud Migration
Cloud migration refers to the process of moving data, application, or other business elements from either an on-premises data center to a cloud or from one cloud to another and in many cases, it also entails a storage migration. It may be a viable and feasible solution for your company or organization, but moving to cloud is not the panacea for all your concerns. Besides, in many jurisdictions there are restrictions on which data may be transferred to cloud and cloud data centers’ physical locations. Share your intentions about moving your data to cloud and we will help you assess the decision.
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Steps to a Successful Data Migration

Data migration is a complex procedure. Since it is more than just transferring content from one place to another, it requires the expertised consultants to successfully implement a data migration process. Here are the steps involved in the procedure:

  • Development of strategies that solidify objectives
  • Drive specification of requirements on identification of legacy sources for data migration
  • Generate profiles of data sets and drive analytics
  • Validation, staging and checking of content
  • Transfer the data
  • Decommissioning and disposing off old systems

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