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Our forward-thinking approach eliminates errors, minimize bugs and reduces overall cycle time

Software Adaptability
Given that there are many devices, operating systems, and browsers available today, it is necessary for software to be compatible with all platforms in order to offer users a smooth user experience. If the functionality of software is affected by the change of devices, it can count towards a negative user experience. Testing eliminates such errors in the performance while adding to the compatibility and adaptability of the software.
Identify Errors
Regardless of how competent software developers and engineers may be, the possibility of glitches and bugs is always present in untested software. Testing will lead to better functioning of the product as hidden errors will be exposed and fixed. By our various types of software testing services we ensure that the end result is software that will be valued by users.
Accelerate Software Development
Software testing and software development if run in parallel, can accelerate the software development process and make it more efficient. Staging the design process in a way that makes it certain that both software testing and software development are happening simultaneously takes care to avoid pit-falls in software development.
Optimise Business
Essentially, every software developer’s goal is customer retention, and every customer’s goal is finding a service that’s reliable and worth their money. Providing effective software thus, allows a business to become entrenched in a software provider’s reputation. Testing allows the end-product to achieve a higher quality standard before being made live.
Avoid Extra Costs
Tied to the problem of errors is the issue of the costs of reimbursing clients who have experienced glitchy software. These additional expenses can amount to a significant amount of damages, as not only has the client been dissatisfied with the product for which they have paid, but a client’s time that they could have invested elsewhere was also rendered worthless. Testing alleviates the need for a constant cycle of upgrades and fixes, as Beakwise certified experts identify bugs and errors before any such problems can arise.
Happy Customers
Each organization finds it difficult to find a base of happy customers despite launching a high-quality app and promoting it with expensive promotional campaigns. Good quality software applications would keep your customers happy and retain them in the longer run. The user experience would encourage the users to promote your application through their word-of-mouth.
Our Services
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Manual & Automated Testing

We test the functional and non-functional features of your software product to ensure it really works as anticipated and delivers a tremendous user experience. Beginning from manual testing of your project’s most complex features to large-scale automated testing of complex software program suites.

We always attempt to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with a package of modern QA and software testing services described below:

  • Enterprise Testing − Functional & Non-Functional quality governance
  • Automated Testing − Automation framework implementation and regression test automation
  • Performance Testing − Load testing, capacity planning and performance monitoring and analysis
  • Application Security Testing − Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Mobile Testing − Cross Device Certification, Mobile performance and security testing
  • Bespoke Testing − Data Migration testing, Legacy Modernisation testing

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