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We are helping startups across the globe bring their products into life.
Whether you’re a startup founder or a startup accelerator consultant looking for a trusted technical partner, we’re here for you.

Be Market-Ready Fast
We know that you have so many ideas and features to implement. Yet, resources and time are always of short supply. Consider passing some of your work to us and we implement it for you. You spend your valuable time on how to market, sell and grow your product and not on fine software details, mind-boggling tech stuff or IT-recruitment.
Prototyping and MVP
Being first-mover is very important in competition, especially when you have novel ideas. What you need is come up with your product as soon as possible in order to be able to show it to your potential buyers. We can help you form your strategy, build a prototype or build that minimum viable product.
Business Analysis and Testing
You may have hired the best programmers, but without proper requirements definitions and domain knowledge, coding skills only will not help you much in building the product that your potential customers need. Similarly, software quality assurance is a very sophisticated and serious work which requires specific skills. Beakwise’s business team is experienced in various industries and have globally recognized certifications. Leave that work to us and you spend your start-up budget for marketing instead of hiring business analysts and testers.
Product Development
We go through seven clear stages of SDLC to bring your idea into life. We start with business modelling and requirements engineering to set up business goals. Then we proceed with the UX and UI design stages, resulting in backend and frontend development. Eventually, we take care of infrastructure management. We ensure that your product meets your “now” needs, but we create a strong technical foundation so we can scale it seamlessly whenever the time comes.
Rescue Operation
If you need to rebuild or enhance your product, you can take advantage of our startup rescue services. Clients often turn to us in search of a diligent software development partner after a previous attempts result in failure. We provide code audits with plans for improvements, add new functionality, or even completely rebuild your product if fixes aren’t enough.
Partnership and Investment
Synergies are extremely difficult to build, so, when found no one should miss that. Your ideas and team may match with our dreams and team so well that there is a leverage to create value together. We are open to partnerships and making investments in start-ups and would like to promote your products.
What Is a Startup, Anyway?
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Translating Good Ideas into Great Products

“Done is better than perfect” and “move fast and break things” are slogans you might read when entering a startup workspace. The flexibility to accommodate frequent changes is essential in the startup context, agile methodologies have been considered the most viable process—they embrace change, allowing development to adapt to the business strategy. Let us consider some other challanges of startups:

  • Economical, human and pyhsical resources are extremely limited.
  • Given the highly competitive ecosystem, startups need to focus on and explore highly innovative segments of the market.
  • Successful startups aim to grow and scale up rapidly.
  • The environment often forces startups to release fast and to work under constant pressure.
  • Startups are usually founder-centric and everyone in the company has big responsibilities, with no need for upper management.

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