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What are the benefits of Microservice Architecture ?
Loosely-coupled components running in a highly engineered systems..

High Quality
Microservices is an architecture used to separate a monolithic application into several independent services. Breaking a large application into components by business capability enables development teams to focus on one small set of functionalities at a time. The overall coding and testing process for individual services is more precise as a result.
Flexibility in Using Technologies
Since each microservice is technically independent, you have the flexibility to try out a new technology stack on an individual service. Compared to monolithic designs, any dependency concerns you might have will be smaller and rolling back changes is simpler since there is less code in play.
Greater Agility
The modern Agile approach is tightly connected with such practices as DevOps, continuous integration (CI), and continuous deployment (CD). All of these practices allow for faster deployment, problem-solving, and time to market.
Increase Fault Tolerance and Fault Isolation
Another key advantage of microservices is improved fault tolerance and fault isolation. Because microservices are loosely coupled, they can be extremely fault-tolerant. Meaning, if one service fails, it won’t compromise the other services in the application.
Provide Scalability
One of the greatest advantages of a microservice over a monolithic architecture is that a microservice architecture allows different components to scale at different rates instead of scaling the whole application. The flexibility of microservices lets a system expand fast without requiring a significant increase in resources.
Simplify Security Monitoring
Because each service is isolated from the other modules in the application, it’s easier to track down the root cause of a security issue. That isolation prevents security threats from compromising the other modules in your application, resulting in both productivity gains and cost savings for organizations.
Microservice Roadmap

Microservices that make us stand out

DispatchingAI Image

Dispatching AI

Starting Point of Customer Experience
  • In digital era, still most of processes start with physical documents signed by customers, emails including more than one requests, post-mails and may be still faxes.
  • Starting a right process in the right time is crucial for providing excellent customer service.
  • Our solution is enhanced by AI components to help users navigate and dispatch easily and in some cases fully autonom dispatching by application is also possible.
Dispathcing AI design Image

Dispatching AI

Functions Covered by the Solution
  • Auto capture input documents from sources. With +170 ready connectors, the solution can integrate with many technologies.
  • Inputs are processed by OCR engine and intents are found by application using NLU Algorithms.
  • According to the rules defined in rule engine of solution, when the user press "Get Request" button, most prior customer request come infront of user.
  • Indexing and creating tasks for activities like call customer, start claim process etc. are realy straight forward and easy.
  • Managers can see the big picture on dashboard and reorganize team according to performance metrics shown.

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