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Great UX design makes an app easy and pleasant to use and, as a result, increases customer satisfaction

Lower Development Cost
Good UX design is the result of comprehensive user research, information architecture design, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and final implementation. Effective prototyping can keep costs down by helping to get more precise figures instead of rough estimates, to see how real users react to your product and make an unbiased decision, to test how your content is received (texts, images, videos, etc).
Increase Revenue
UX design proves that love at first sight really exists; most of the people judge a website based on its overall aesthetics. A user-friendly interface that fulfills a customer’s needs is more likely to convert customers. On UX Design we focuse on :
  • Ease of Use
  • Reduced Number of Steps
  • Clear Call-to-Actions
Decrease Bounce Rate
By modern UX design style, Beakwise always focuses on personalization. Personalized user experiences are about delivering content that is relevant to a specific user. By defining possible personas we create user experiences that inspire end users to browse websites or mobile apps.
Increase Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty is won through positive experiences with a web or mobile app. These positive experiences bind users to product and keep them coming back for more. We are building customer loyalty by creating a customer journey map. These map will help on building empathy, identifying bottlenecks and increasing retention rate.
Word-of-mouth is the sharing of information about a product or service through personal communications, on social media, and in day-to-day interactions. We are aware of the importance of social sharing and how people tend to learn behaviors from their peers.
Good Use of Resources
By investing in better UX design solutions, you’re able to avoid wasting human resources, time, and money. UX design helps avoid feature creep with the help of prototyping and user testing. In addition, user experience research helps to detect inefficient solutions and prevent their implementation at the development stage by tailoring features to meet the needs of target audience.
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Design Thinking To The Forefront

Design thinking is a process that uses basic design principles to solve complex problems. This innovative process can help companies successfully complete digital transformations that place their users first. To implement design thinking, we consider the following components carefully:

  • Empathize − Developing an intimate understanding of the challenge that lies ahead.
  • Define − Clearly stating the challenge / problem that needs to be overcome.
  • Invent − Brainstorming and selecting potential solutions
  • Prototype − Creating the potential solution
  • Test − Test the solution with an actionable approach.

Design thinking is the building block to implement best practice UX strategies that are designed to streamline and enhance the results of a company’s digital transformation.

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