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Benefits of Team Building

Team building exercises are a group of activities, strategies, and tactics used to simulate daily work life of technical team staff to improve social relations and to point out development areas of team structure

Increase Motivation
Team building activities are a fun and interactive way to boost employee morale. Getting out of the monotony of work and engaging with one another for non-work related events and tasks can do wonders for teams. Team exercises and games that improve morale can help break down barriers between employees and give ideas to bosses as to how to create and keep a good atmosphere in the office.
Energy Boost
Company culture likely revolves around the energy in the office. When the team gets back from a fun day of team bonding, the energy in the office can change, giving the company culture a spirited jolt at the same time. Team building event mementos can serve as cool keepsake from the fun and positive energy they created as a team and help keep that vibe flowing back in the office.
Getting Creative
Sometimes employees can fall into a routine with their work. That’s not always a bad thing since it’s how work gets done. However, a new perspective could add insights into challenges at the office. Taking the team out of their regular work environment to overcome non-work challenges can encourage creative problem solving when they’re back at the office.
Identify leaders
Team building gives the opportunity for those outside the management team to take on a leadership role, guiding their group to the successful completion of a team-building exercise. It’s a nice way for management to observe leadership skills outside of the office environment, and to identify potential future leadership candidates.
Hidden Talents
Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of work, you don’t learn much about your employees. There are often hidden talents that are uncovered while chatting at team-building events outside the office that can be valuable to the company and even advance careers. Getting to know more about your employees during team bonding activities can help you uncover their hidden talents and tap into their strengths.
Builds Trust
When co-workers are forced to work on a project outside the scope of normal job duties, they relax and let their guard down. After all, no one will be fired for not solving the scavenger hunt the fastest. When walls are lowered, people engage in creative dialogue seeking solutions to the task at hand. Co-workers realize they are part of a team with a variety of ideas that can help solve problems. The result is greater trust among co-workers when they return to the daily office tasks.
Designing Team Building Activities
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The 6-Step Checklist

If you've noticed your team members taking more and personal days off or there's a general lack of interest in the task at hand, that may be a sign that your corporate culture is beginning to deteriorate. Team building exercises allow management and staff to forget about hierarchies and socialize informally.

Beakwise experts will create a tailor made team building activities regarding the needs of your team by following the steps below:

  • Identify the development needs
  • Clarify the goals of the activity
  • Design activities specifically for that team
  • Identify success measures
  • Consolidate results gained and feedbacks
  • Prepare an evaluation reports of activity for management

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