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Why Choose Staff Augmentation?

Hiring new talent is always a tedious and challenging task. Plus the outcome is unpredictable

Cost Effective
Sourcing candidates, screening and onboarding new employees can be extremely costly. Offering training and employee benefits to them can further strain the budget. Beakwise will help you to bypass the lengthy hiring process, saving both cost and uncertainity.
Access to The Best Talent
Most of the fixed-term projects require specialized skill sets. Training current employees or hiring a permanent resources usually end up with a significant amount of investment. Beakwise team will identify any existing skills gaps and fill those gaps by the best talents. Gain the opportunity to work with the best, without any long-term commitments.
Increase Flexibility
Staff Augmentation model provides extensive flexibility and scalability for companies. It's possible to take up multiple projects at a time without worrying about the resources to fulfill it. It is always easier to augment your existing staff with fresh resources when the project demands it rather than having to hire full time and then lay off employees.
Operational Efficiency
Most businesses incur high amounts of operational costs, especially during lean periods, with miniscule return on investments. Beakwise endorses operational efficiency by creating flexible working platforms. Our talents can "work anytime and anywhere". Training of talents is also our responsibility if needed. So, our service does not only decrease the cost of hiring skilled professionals, also reduces the cost of operations.
Expansion and Adaptation
Flexible hiring allows to expand operations on a trial basis, without investing in a full-fledged workforce. Often firms aspire to scale up their businesses and benefit from the prevailing market conditions. However, the accompanying risks of failure and the drowning of investments serve as a roadblock to such scaling. Staff augmentation allows companies to hire on a project basis to test their acceptability in the new markets and opens new avenues for firms looking for expansion.
Access to Contemporary Opinions
Having a fixed employee network often results in a stagnation of ideas and opinions for business development and increasing profits. The newly emerging business demands often call out for unconventional and innovative means to deliver results. IT staff augmentation allows firms to engage with the outlooks of a diverse set of professionals than operating time and again with a box of recycled ideas. Project-specific hiring gives firms the ability to leverage new ideas to propel their operations.
Our Process

Understanding Resource Requirements

Before starting to search for candidates we provide a free consultation that allow us to learn more about project, to gather requirements about the skills and qualifications you need, to define the exact number of people you have to hire and years of experience required.

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Staff Augmentation Interview Image

Pre-Screening & Interviewing

The pre-screening process typically begins with the review of a candidate's employment application and resume, followed by an online interview. The purpose of an employment application and resume review is to screen out applicants who do not meet the basic requirements for a position. Online interviews focus on whether a candidate has the right education, experience and knowledge to do the job and the prospect's motivation for applying for a particular job to make sure he or she has realistic expectations.


Technical Competency Evaluation

At this stage we use technical skills testing to assess candidates’ employment suitability based on their technical abilities. This pre-employment testing typically provides multiple coding language options and varying levels of difficulty, followed by an objective candidate skills ranking. The technical assessment provides a clear signal as to which candidates are the most promising to advance based on technical skill.

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List of Qualified Candidates

After personal interview with the short list of candidates and some background and reference check we determine the team of talents for the project. Some projects may require very special kind of technology knowledge. In that case we provide the team necessary training also.


Feedback & Performance

During project timeline we measure performances of the team, follow risks defined for resources and intervene as soon as possible if issue occurs. Collect feedbacks about team members and get actions necessary accordingly.

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