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Modern learners know what they need to perform better, and On Demand Training supports this by focusing on context and productivity.

Uniquely Blended IT and Business Content
Beakwise brings multiple disciplines into the trainings. Our training programs are not narrowly focused on only the technical aspects of a particular IT field. We aim to bring the business domain expertise of your people into what they have to learn.
Analysis of Your Training Needs
Our training methodology starts with analyzing what information you want to transfer among your team members. This could be a new field which is not familiar to them or it could be an attempt to share and broadcast the knowledge currently centralized on few people. We start with listening your high level needs and organize a workshop with people who requested the training. In that workshop, we either collect the details from you or work with people who currently have the knowledge.
Training Content and Material
Upon understanding what exactly and in what detail the training should be we combine the gained knowledge with our expertise. The output is the content and material that will be used throughout the training. We share that materials with managers before training and ask for their feedbacks.
Engagement and Motivation
When any training is in consideration, we know that it's very difficult to create interest and keep participants engaged. Specially designed trainings materials will include sample use cases of daily work done by participants and that make them focus all the time. Nothing is irrelevant for participants and they see a real value in the time spent for the program.
Anytime, Anywhere
As Beakwise training programs are organized upon demand we can accommodate to any specific time schedule and location request as well as on online platforms to create a blended learning environment.
Continuous Learning
After completed trainings Beakwise keeps track of the new developments occurred in that training domain and constantly provides information about news with the trainees. This usually happens through newsletters and Q&A sessions, and if changes are big, we proactively offer to provide a new training session to keep your team members updated.
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What is a Tech Stack ?

A tech stack refers to a set of tools, programming languages, and technologies that work together to build digital products or solutions such as websites, mobile, and web apps.

A tech stack consists of two equally important elements: the frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side). Both work together to create a working tech stack.

To save time and money Beakwise experts can create a tech stack models for your company specific needs. Here are top tech stacks you can consider :

MEAN − MEAN brings numerous benefits to web developers. Like use of single language(JS) and underlying technologies open source and free. MEAN consists of:

  • MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Express.js backend web framework
  • Angular.js frontend framework
  • NodeJS open-source, cross-platform server

LAMP − LAMP is an industry standard when it comes to tech stack models. In web development, it delivers the best cost efficiency, flexibility, and performance. It is an acronym that stands for:

  • Linux (operating system)
  • Apache (HTTP server)
  • MySQL (relational database management)
  • PHP (programming language, it can also be Perl or Python)

As a final thought, it can be challenging to choose the right tech stacks. However, Beakwise experts create tech stacks which include technologies and tools that parallel with your project’s objectives.

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